Tune Your Ears to Plumbing Noises to Better Detect Problems

The various tunes that our plumbing system plays is critical and greatly helps in knowing the possible plumbing problems that your home is suffering from. Early detection of these sorts of problems would enable you to take immediate measures that avoid further and even bigger messes.

The following are some of the most common sounds that your plumbing system may produce to indicate specific problems:


If this type of noise comes from a slightly opened faucet, this basically tells us that there is excessive water pressure within your home plumbing. The best way to go about this is to contact your local water company and consult them whether it is needed that a pressure-reducing valve be installed on your incoming water supply pipe.


Also known as water hammer is commonly heard whenever water is suddenly shut off causing the fast streaming water to be brought into a quick stop. The shock wave that is generated is the one causing the hammering noise. Properly installed cushions or air chambers would greatly help reduce the effects of these shock waves.

If hammering sounds in your plumbing has never been heard of before and, without warning, just starts, your air chambers are most likely to have been waterlogged. To correct this plumbing problem, turn off the flow of water behind the drenched chamber and turn on the faucet. As soon as the water is thoroughly drained, air will again restore the chamber.


When a slightly turned on faucet causes deep screeching sounds, that disappears when you fully turn it on, chances are that the internal parts may be defective of loose. The solution to prevent this plumbing sound is to substitute the existing faucet or valve with a new one.

These are just some of the most common problems that homeowners face regarding plumbing. The solutions may range from simple parts replacement to the last resort of literally tearing into a wall, if the problem is at its worst. And as I have stated above, answering to these plumbing problems would definitely save you more troubles. But if you are not quite into plumbing, try not to do things yourself and eventually make a larger plumbing complication as you already have. You could always consult your local, skilled construction company workers. By doing so, you will be saving yourself energy, time and even money.