Anchor Text: Increase Page Rank in Google with Proper Backlinks

Implementing proper anchor text SEO with targeted keyword phrases in backlinks. This technique can increase Page Rank and increase link popularity as well.

Backlinks are one of the major components when gaining popularity and increasing organic rank in Google. It is not a matter of simple links, but also the anchor text used to set up a website’s backlink profile. A simple “click here” is not a search engine optimized (SEO) as anchor text targeted at search engine keyword phrases entered by users.

What is an Anchor Text Link?

With an added importance in increasing Page Rank in Google, backlinks became a target for business marketing. The anchor tag is the HTML code used to create a backlink. Backlinks are implemented on any HTML page including blog comments, social networking sites, and Twitter. One property of the anchor tag is creating a link using customized keywords. These keywords are the anchor text shown to users to click the link.

For instance, the following is an old-style way to create a link:

Read about my article here.

However, “here” does not give Google and other search engines any kind of indication of the importance of “here.” Instead, website owners should target keyword phrases. A better search engine optimized website uses the following way to create a backlink:

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Anchor Text SEO and Building Backlinks

The key to increasing Page Rank in Google is backlink popularity and the anchor text used during the website owner’s campaign to build backlinks on other sites. There are several places where the website owner can choose his own backlink anchor text. The anchor text is a part of the association Google places between the keywords and the website’s place in the search engine. The following are a few common places to build backlinks:

  • Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogs (personal and business)
  • Forums
  • Bookmarking sites

Choosing Anchor Text Keyword Phrases

Some sites offer keyword builder tools to help the website owner determine which keyword phrases are the best. However, the best way to check keyword phrases for a backlink anchor text is by using the Google keyword tool. There are thousands of keyword phrases available which can be used by a professional marketing agency to target traffic and build backlinks.

After backlinks are created, the website owner can check backlink campaigns using Google Webmaster Tools. Another tool for a more comprehensive backlink history is the Yahoo Site Explorer interface. This tool shows the webmaster backlinks that are sometimes not shown in Google Webmaster Tools. These two interfaces help keep track of the success of a backlink building campaign.