Shopping for clothes? Right fancy dress for the right occasion

There is such a vast array of fancy dress themes and styles to choose from, sometimes it is hard to decide what to wear at all let alone what would be right for each occasion. Here are some ideas that will hopefully point you in the right direction.

The Obvious Can Be Dull

There are, of course, occasions when it is not too hard to decide on an appropriate costume. The problem is when it is easy for you to think of an idea you can be sure it will be just as easy for everyone else. There is nothing worse than turning up to a Halloween fancy dress ball to find you are one of a dozen Count Draculas and to add insult to injury, most look better than you. At times such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter a little thinking out of the box is necessary to make yourself stand out.

For Halloween instead of the same old Count Dracula or Frankenstein’s monster why not turn up dressed as a gravestone or a witch’s broomstick. At Christmas it is out with Santa Claus and his little helpers; why not hire yourself a turkey outfit and then put on some dark glasses and other cliches of disguise and come as the turkey that avoided the Christmas table. For an Easter Ball forget the fluffy bunny or dressing up as an Easter egg, hire a donkey suit or dress yourself up as a palm leaf. There are so many online companies specialising in fancy dress next day delivery is never an issue so you can keep your thinking cap on right up to the last minute.

The Dreaded Open Theme

The worst fancy dress nightmare of all is the open theme, “come as you want” party. Here you really have to put the imagination to work and try to think of something unique. With so many fancy dress costume suppliers on the internet it is very tempting to just pick a cowboy, Native American, or Lord Nelson costume, but where is the thought and imagination in that?

A good way to focus the mind is to think of a subject or an event and then pick a character or object that is synonymous with it. For example, take a look at the news. There is always some current affair that involves a larger than life character, but try to be more original than that. If a particular building has featured recently, for example the recent completion of the Shard in London, with a little bit of skill and plenty of cardboard, you can present yourself as an iconic landmark. Indeed there are many structures that lend themselves to fancy dress; go as a lighthouse or an old red telephone box.

With a little thought it really is not that difficult to come up with an idea that not only no one else will have thought of, but that will be the talking point of the party.

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Gotta live with Neighbors

Neighbors are a part of our life whether we like it or not. Day in and day out we need to face them. We cannot avoid them; the best thing is to learn the methods how to deal with them. 

We generally need not see any neighbor, but can know their presence because of their nocturnal habits or their music tastes which may drive away our sleep for days. 

It doesn’t have to be all bad news though, when we are lucky enough to have a good relationship with our neighbors, it can be a wonderful thing. You really can borrow things from them when in need and they might invite you to their BBQ’s rather than just smoking you out.

We have some benefits if the neighbors are good:

  • They become great friends and offer moral support in times of our troubles.
  • They could be your link to the community, if you’ve made a long distance move, or you’re living alone.
  • When you go for some other place they can look after your house, your pets.
  • And they may baby-sit if you have any infants.
  • Their kids may become the best friends to your own kids thus fostering the relationship for the benefit of all.

How can you become a good neighbor:

That awful noise ?

  • Keep yourself aware of the level of noise your house is making when windows are open.
  • If the floor of your house is wooden and you live upstairs, take care to make sure that you don’t make noise with your shoes. During the night times that is more important than ever.
  • Attend to any renovating stuff during the day. Anything that requires loud noise should be kept to reasonable hours.
  • If the lights of your house at any part are closer to your neighbors make sure that they won’t be lit up for long and disturb your neighbors.
  • Let them know well in advance if you’re going to have a party or undertake renovations.
  • Check the regulations to find out what times you should limit noise.

And etc …

  • Now what do you do if you are new to an area? Rush up and introduce yourself to all your neighbors as soon as you unpack the things.
  • Ask all of them to come to your house for a dinner for getting to know each other better.
  • Make sure your children don’t disrupt your neighbors too much with their noisy playing.
  • Small things count – like telling the neighbor not to hang out their washing in the afternoon if you’ll be having a barbecue. You can approach with honesty and sincerity that it will disturb your plans and you would be very happy if they consider your request.
  • If your neighbor is away – it’s your chance to make your neighbor impressed. You can offer to collect their mails or mow their garden too, unless of course it is not of a size of a football court.
  • If they are interested in making their house look occupied, you could also offer to park your car in their driveway.
  • Keep your yard reasonably tidy – especially if your neighbors are in a position where they can look down into it.

Oh God ! Bad neighbors

You might think – it’s a good idea to yell out unmentionable obscenities when you have been jolted from sleep at 3am. Tread carefully though, the last thing you want to do is start a competition or a fight. Here are some ideas for dealing with difficult neighbors.

  • If a neighbor is doing something that annoys you, approach them first. Most of the time, they may not even be aware that they are causing a disturbance
  • After talking to a neighbor about an issue, perhaps put it in writing this time, telling them you intend to take the matter further if something isn’t done.
  • Provide your neighbor with a copy of the noise regulations in your area.
  • Keep notes of dates/times that you notified anyone of annoyances.
  • Talk to other neighbors about the problem. Perhaps they can also speak to the offender – the more support you have, the better.
  • If you are renting, speak to your landlord if you’ve been unsuccessful in dealing with a problematic neighbor.
  • You may call the police if the situation requires it.
  • You may also take your neighbor to court for serious offences as a last resort.

Pet problem

Often, the causes of neighborly disputes are not loud stereos and hotted-up Ford Mustangs. Continuous barking sessions at 3 am are enough to drive a rift through even the best relationships. Here are some tips for keeping the peace:

  • Bring your dog inside at night if it barks excessively.
  • If you have cats that stay outdoors put bells on their collars to stop them killing birds.
  • Unless you plan to breed your cats, have them de-sexed. This will stop your Tom harassing the female kitty under the next door neighbor’s window at night.
  • If a neighbor’s cat torments your canaries, or insists that your yard is a litter box, scatter some orange peels or pepper around its favorite places.
  • Make sure your yard is secure, so that your dog doesn’t go wandering around the neighborhood.
  • If you’ve got noisy birds, move their cages into the garage or inside overnight.

Maintaining a few simple rules will be a step towards living in a feel-good neighborhood. It’s not hard to be a good neighbor – whether you’re living in a suburban area or an apartment block, the recipe for peace and quiet is quite simple. Keep the volume down, keep Rover away from the roses of other folk, and keep smiling.And if you’re moving your home and, besides from the help with new neighbours, you also need help with the moving process, check Busy Beez Movers.

The New iPad iOS 4 Upgrade

Business professionals, social users, and IT departments – it’s the biggest iPad upgrade that appears to have something for everyone.

Apple Inc has released the 4.2 version of iOS, which brings a variance of new capabilities and features across the iPad consumer market.

The update is a free download through iTunes, or the official Apple store online, and it will upgrade the iPad from iOS 3.2 to iOS 4 which is a quite an enhancement considering the iPhone was only upgraded iOS 4 a few months ago. This along with the iPod Touch are the only Apple devices to run from the same operating system.

Multitasking on iOS 4

With the 4.2 update, it works the same way as iPhone multitasking. If you are not an iPhone user, multitasking works by enabling the user to quickly switch between apps while saving the state of open apps which is very much like minimizing windows (or should we say programs with reference to Apple), but not closing them completely. This is particularly important if the user copies and pastes items between apps whether it is for business or social exercises.

To access multitasking you simply double-click the home button.

Folders on iOS 4

An iPad user can now create folders using iOS 4 to organize apps into groups and categories to avoid the need of having to flip through an endless number of screens to find the app they are looking for.

Lost iPad Security Measures

The new feature ‘Find My iPad’ was previously part of Apple’s paid MobileMe service but with iOS 4.2 it is now free. Once enabled if one loses their iPad or they just want to see it on a map, the user can go to the Apple website and locate it. Then if the iPad is lost they can send a message to display on the iPad screen, for example, please call this number … They can also set a remote passcode to lock it, or even remotely wipe the data off of the device.

Remote Distribution for Businesses

These are a few developments for the corporate sector – Remote Device Management and Wireless App Distribution are now included within the new operating system. IT Departments can not only roll out own custom business apps to corporate iPad users over Wi-Fi or 3G but also configuration changes and monitor compliance with policies but also delete all data simulating the Blackberry Kill function.

The apps do not have to go through the Apple App Store and users do not have to sync through iTunes or a computer in order to get the company apps.

Multiple Mailboxes

The 4.2 upgrade supports multiple Microsoft Exchange mailboxes with its Unified Inbox feature. It also enables the user to list folders of those email accounts into a unified inbox where they can see their latest messages threaded together.

iPad Printing

AirPrint is a new feature which lets the user print wirelessly from an iPad. A print option is added to the menu for printing documents, photos, and web pages and the iPad automatically recognizes compatible printers in the vicinity, this new feature is subject to development.

Finding Text

The enhanced search box feature in the web browser on the iPad now allows the user to search for text on the current web page as well as the browser itself.

One may think that Apple may be outdoing itself with the number of continuous developments it releases, but when a device as competitive and wanted as the iPad, and with many competitors releasing or about to release their tablet PCs, it is no wonder that Apple rollout new upgrades quickly. With iOS 4 developed to target the business sector as well as social, Blackberry who has been the business favorites up until now may need to step up their game.

Why You Need a Universal Remote Control

Universal remote controls can almost replace all the remotes that control your home theater and surround sound system. By consolidating to one remote, you can simplify many tasks and gain more control over other aspects of your system.

Remote Control Replacement

Universal remote controls, in the most basic way, replace the remote that came with your electronic device. They can be very simple and do basic functions such as on/off, channel up/down, and volume up/down. Often the remote that came with a component gets broken or lost and a universal remote is an easy alternative to buying a replacement from the manufacturer. More sophisticated remotes can do much more than act as a replacement.

Remote Control Macro

One of the most powerful features of a universal remote control is the macro. A macro is a command executed by the remote that replaces several clicks from multiple remotes. For example, you might have a macro to turn your HDTV on, go to input one, turn on a cable box, turn on a home theater receiver, and select a cable box on the home theater receiver. Instead of using each individual remotes to go through the process, you can have a macro on the remote that only requires one press of a button to send out all of those commands to your electronics.

Macros can be very customized and sophisticated. One macro could turn on the home entertainment system, another turn the HDTV on to a kids television channel. The remote can keep track of what is turned on and off. A simple “off” button can turn everything off when you are finished.

Hard Buttons and Touch Screens

Universal remotes come with different types of buttons. The most basic have hard buttons, like the ones that come with most electronic components. Others move up to a color screen with labels that you can design or select from to go next to designated hard buttons. The high end models have touch screens and hard buttons. The touch screens can be highly sophisticated with pictures and graphics to guide you through your options for components.

IR and UHF

Universal remote controls communicate with your equipment in two basic ways, infrared (IR) and ultra high frequency (UHF). IR is the way traditional remotes communicate with electronic components. The remote sends a beam across the room to a receptor on the component. UHF remotes send a signal through the area that can actually go through walls and work throughout your house. UHF remotes need a receiver that has an IR emitter to send IR signals to your components.

Programming a Universal Remote

There are different ways to program the remote. The basic ones require you to enter codes for each component in your home theater system. The nicer remotes have a program that runs on a computer. The program allows you to select the components in your systems by model number. You can then program a macro by selecting what settings each component should be in for each macro to work. Then you simply connect your remote to the computer to transfer the settings.

Universal remote controls can make the home theater experience better. By making the operation of your HDTV easy enough for anyone, it is a smart buy. With a wide range of prices, universal remote controls can be found for any budget.

Environmentally Friendly Ways for Recycling a Laptop Computer and its Parts

electronic recyclingDisposing of old laptop computers is a complex process that is not always environmentally friendly. This article discusses how to safely recycle laptops and their parts.

Every computer will eventually reach the end of its useful life. If it is simply and older model that is still in good working order an individual might want to consider cleaning the hard drive and then donating it to a worthy charity.

If, however, the laptop is no longer functional, has a broken screen, or is simply beyond repair, recycling of the computer is far preferred over simply sending it to the landfill. This article presents a basic guide on how to recycle a laptop in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmentally Friendly Ways For Recycling A Laptop Computer and Its PartsHow To Prepare A Laptop For Recycling

Before trying to recycle laptop computer components it is always important to either wipe the hard drive with a special software utility. If possible remove the hard drive altogether and keep it if there are any concerns about privacy. Some laptop recycling programs ship equipment overseas for processing and may or may not have privacy concerns as a top priority.

How Does Modern Industry Recycle Laptops and other Computers?

Remember that all laptop computers (and all electronic components in general) contain heavy metals that in most cases are soldered onto the motherboard or incorporated into the various components. Some of these metals are toxic to the water supply (lead, mercury, and cadmium) while others are valuable as a reclaimed resource (gold, copper, etc.). A good laptop recycling program will remove as much of the heavy metal components as possible before ultimately crushing the remaining pieces.

electronic waste management

Hewlett Packard is one of several computer manufacturers that operate recycling programs for old laptop and desktop computers. As mentioned previously the discarded computers are scavenged for parts then crushed. These pieces are then passed through magnets and other similar processes that remove the aluminum and other easily extracted metals before leaving the plastic remains to be sold as scrap. Other facilities remove the crushing steps and instead melt down the entire device, skimming off and extracting the copper for use in other applications.

Always Verify How The Laptop Is To Be Recycled

If being environmentally friendly and socially conscious is important then verifying the methods and subsidiaries of a recycling program is important. Before handing over the broken hardware find out where the recycling facility is located and whether that facility does the work on site or does partial processing then sends the pieces on to another facility.

Many companies with lofty goals have sent used computers to other countries under the guise of helping to spread the technology to those that cannot afford it. In some cases these scrapped computers wind up being torn apart by individuals hoping to process the metals on their own, often with deadly or debilitating side effects.

Smartphone Trends to Watch Out For

Every year, smartphone brands are coming up with new features and technology that makes smartphones exactly what they are: smart. In smartphone technology, companies are developing the best innovations that are now changing their shape. In fact, 2019 is the year the world will now have access to flexible, bendable, and foldable smartphones.

Smartphone buyers have plenty to look forward as devices will be faster, thinner, bendable, and even smarter than you think. With virtual reality spreading to budget-friendly options, they also provide the best graphics, store and higher screen resolutions.

Here are the top smartphone trends that launched last year.

Foldable smartphones could be possible in 2019New Styles

It seems as if all brands are taking a new facelift to smartphone designs. Apple is said to be giving its iconic edgy design a facelift with soft edges, while Samsung is releasing their first-ever foldable smartphone. The hottest trends were the customizable smartphones like LG G5 and Moto Z. The CPlus folding smartphone from Lenovo is also a device that is to be expected for release.

Fast Chips

Graphics are becoming smaller and smooth as applications are still running faster than ever. The Qualcomm has already announced the Snapdragon 835 to be installed on the premium Android smartphones from the top mobile companies. Many are also choosing mobile processors to increase the overall performance of the smartphone.

Virtual Reality

The primary goal of speeding up smartphone devices is to allow applications to run smoothly without issues. This is particularly true for virtual reality as VR requires resources for optimal use. The plug headsets enable you to watch movies, play games and explore VR worlds on your smartphone device.

While VR is still limited to few handsets, it is expected to grow into more mid-range and high-end phones by 2017. The VR smartphones require high-resolution displays to deliver the quality visual experience.

Fast LTE

LTE speed is also getting a boost as smartphones like Apple’s iPhone 8 will allow you to download data quicker than ever on LTE networks at a premium speed of 600 Mbps. You can also upload data at 150 Mbps. However, achieving speeds will also depend on the carrier’s network capability.

Better Storage

It never hurts to add extra storage. The internal storage is said to reach SC cards with high capacities.


The USB-C will replace the decade-old Micro-USB ports. The USB-C is found to be extremely useful as it can connect mobile devices to high-definition flash drives, external storage devices, headphones, and monitors.

Wireless Headphones

Smartphones are taking a different route to headphones as some brands like Apple and Motorola have removed the jacks and switched to Bluetooth headphones instead. While this means that you will also need to recharge your wireless headsets, this will also get rid of the pesky headphone wires and jack.

Quick Charge, Long Battery Lifespan

As Smartphones will charge twice as fast with USC-C cables, smartphones will also carry more batter as the technology like the Quick Charge 4 Qualcomm will help smartphone devices run for as much as five hours after a mere ten-minute charge. This technology is set to reach devices by 2017.

Smart devices at homeSmart Devices

The augmented reality in smartphones can now recognize objects, present information that is relevant to the objects seen on the handset’s screen and map out rooms. This itself is a great example of just how much smartphone devices have evolved since their development to help enhance the user experience.

Other deep techniques can play a role in making smartphones user-friendly A device could learn how the internal drive is being used and develop a better modulate power usage over time. This will improve the battery life as smartphones can recognize speech and image recognition through online services as well as offline.

Bluetooth 5

Smartphone devices will soon upgrade to the new Bluetooth 5 specification, which allows the device to have as much as four times the range of its predecessor and speed. The Bluetooth 5 can connection will reach as much as 400 meters, even with obstructions. Users will be able to use their smartphone devices to unlock a car or operate a wireless Bluetooth speak, even from a distance.

Best 6 Smart Watches to Look Out For

As the high market competition continues to grow, more and more companies are trying their best to sell their products. Every day, innovations are being presented from different brands. With that, also come the latest smartwatches that offer great features and additions.

Here are the best six smartwatches last year.

1. Asus Zenwatch 2

Asus is known for adorable devices without substituting quality. The Asus Zenwatch is considered as the best smart watch under $100. Asus has spent a durable amount of time on making the watch resistant to damage. With the Asus Zenwatch, you can expect to find the steel quality is durable as well as water resistant. The smartwatch also comes in multiple colors and straps.Asus Zenwatch 2

2. Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch

The Fitbit Blaze was designed to provide the best fitness tracking features in the world of smart watches. The reviews of the smartwatch proved that the Fitbit had achieved its mission as it is currently ranked as the top smart watch on sites like eBay and Amazon. This smart watch is also made exclusive for bodybuilders and fitness trainers who are keen to keeping track of their activities. The battery life lasts as long as three days without charge.

You can track your sleep cycle, heart rate, steps, and fitness. The Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch also has a GPS ability that makes it easy to use even without a phone. It can connect to your iPhone, Windows, and Android phones efficiently. It also allows you to reject messages and calls with a simple step.

3. Huawei Watch

Huawei understands the problem of design that many may find in wearing smartwatches. The display of the Huawei watch is a favorite among users as it is made comfortable for the viewer’s eyes, especially when compared to Apple Watches. The Huawei watch is also upgradeable to Android, which also gives it a better advantage over other smartwatches. The one downside to the Huawei watch is the short battery life which will require you to recharge at least once a day. Typically a 100% fully charged battery will last around 18 to 24 hours at most.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks more like a watch rather than a tech gadget, the Huawei SmartWatch is an excellent choice.

4. Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen

The Motorola Moto 360 is nothing less than fashionable. As the first generation had no vital functions, Motorola took the criticism into stride as enhanced the second generator Moto 360 with a style that suits the unisex and all wrist sizes. Currently, the Moto 360 2nd generation is the best-selling smartwatch in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is recommended for swimmers who like to use smart watching in the water without facing any problems when in use.

5. Samsung Gear S3

Currently, the Samsung Gear S3 offers two versions of the smartwatches online: the Class and the Gear S3 Frontier. Aside from the Gear S3 Frontier offering LTE connectivity in most major cities, there are no significant differences between the two versions. The original Samsung Gear Smartwatch provides a tonne of features that may overwhelm some users. With the Samsung Gear S3, the Android smartwatch takes it to a whole new level, especially when compared to the Gear S2’s battery life and app functionality.

The Samsung Gear S3 has a large battery life and a bigger size of the 1.3-inch display. While the size may be large, it isn’t as heavy as the Fossil Q. The RAM size also increased to 768 MB from a mere 512 MB. The Gear S3 smartwatch is also waterproof, which allows you to swim or use in water for at least thirty minutes without worrying about potential damage.

According to tests given by Samsung, the Gear S3 can survive over freeze, overheat and even falls from great heights. This makes it a durable, smartwatch to use while traveling.

6. Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony is known for its revolutionary devices, and the Sony SmartWatch 3 speaks for itself as the first Android wearable. The smartwatch improved its functionality as it has 512 MB of ram along with a quad-core processor. The 1.6-inch screen size may seem large, but the 4 GB internal storage and the smooth strap make up for it. There is also a built-in GPS technology that works ideal for runners or using the phone while driving.

Interested in purchasing a smartwatch? Planning on buying any of the ones you saw on our list? Comment below and share your opinions with us!