The New iPad iOS 4 Upgrade

Business professionals, social users, and IT departments – it’s the biggest iPad upgrade that appears to have something for everyone.

Apple Inc has released the 4.2 version of iOS, which brings a variance of new capabilities and features across the iPad consumer market.

The update is a free download through iTunes, or the official Apple store online, and it will upgrade the iPad from iOS 3.2 to iOS 4 which is a quite an enhancement considering the iPhone was only upgraded iOS 4 a few months ago. This along with the iPod Touch are the only Apple devices to run from the same operating system.

Multitasking on iOS 4

With the 4.2 update, it works the same way as iPhone multitasking. If you are not an iPhone user, multitasking works by enabling the user to quickly switch between apps while saving the state of open apps which is very much like minimizing windows (or should we say programs with reference to Apple), but not closing them completely. This is particularly important if the user copies and pastes items between apps whether it is for business or social exercises.

To access multitasking you simply double-click the home button.

Folders on iOS 4

An iPad user can now create folders using iOS 4 to organize apps into groups and categories to avoid the need of having to flip through an endless number of screens to find the app they are looking for.

Lost iPad Security Measures

The new feature ‘Find My iPad’ was previously part of Apple’s paid MobileMe service but with iOS 4.2 it is now free. Once enabled if one loses their iPad or they just want to see it on a map, the user can go to the Apple website and locate it. Then if the iPad is lost they can send a message to display on the iPad screen, for example, please call this number … They can also set a remote passcode to lock it, or even remotely wipe the data off of the device.

Remote Distribution for Businesses

These are a few developments for the corporate sector – Remote Device Management and Wireless App Distribution are now included within the new operating system. IT Departments can not only roll out own custom business apps to corporate iPad users over Wi-Fi or 3G but also configuration changes and monitor compliance with policies but also delete all data simulating the Blackberry Kill function.

The apps do not have to go through the Apple App Store and users do not have to sync through iTunes or a computer in order to get the company apps.

Multiple Mailboxes

The 4.2 upgrade supports multiple Microsoft Exchange mailboxes with its Unified Inbox feature. It also enables the user to list folders of those email accounts into a unified inbox where they can see their latest messages threaded together.

iPad Printing

AirPrint is a new feature which lets the user print wirelessly from an iPad. A print option is added to the menu for printing documents, photos, and web pages and the iPad automatically recognizes compatible printers in the vicinity, this new feature is subject to development.

Finding Text

The enhanced search box feature in the web browser on the iPad now allows the user to search for text on the current web page as well as the browser itself.

One may think that Apple may be outdoing itself with the number of continuous developments it releases, but when a device as competitive and wanted as the iPad, and with many competitors releasing or about to release their tablet PCs, it is no wonder that Apple rollout new upgrades quickly. With iOS 4 developed to target the business sector as well as social, Blackberry who has been the business favorites up until now may need to step up their game.