Computer & Datacom Catalog

For over 70 years, GC Electronics has been recognized as a leading supplier of low voltage components, tools, and accessories. A strong part of this recognition comes as a result of GC’s ability to provide products throughout their life cycles; giving the industry a “one-stop” source for some of the most challenging products to find. GC is your conduit to product families consisting of almost 10,000 GC part numbers. More importantly, GC gives you access to hundreds of thousands of part numbers from leading suppliers around the world.

Computer Accessories and Datacom products are prime examples of the GC story. We stock more than 1,200 product choices in these categories alone. GC is able to meet your needs, whether you’re a distributor with a retail showroom or a contractor who wants consistent quality, without the expense of fancy packaging materials. We are one of the few suppliers who has been able to support the industry through the growth of telephone accessories and make the transition successfully to computer and datacom products. In addition to telephone, datacom and surge products, GC provides products used in the installation of audio and video systems. GC Electronics’ MRO products. Switches, Wire Chemicals, and Tools round out the offering in providing the market the products requested.

The GC Advantage

  • The broad selection of computer/datacom products to fulfill customer needs
  • GC products meet/or exceed the industry standards for material and quality
  • Cables quoted to meet special requirements
  • As a full spectrum supplier, GC offers more than 10,000 products; including Audio, Video, Telephone,
  • Wire, Switches, Tools, and Surge Protection devices.
  • GC offers limited Lifetime Warranty coverage against defects in materials and workmanship for all computer and datacom products.

Computer Accessories

Computer and datacom cablesCables and Accessories that connect the PC to a peripheral device (printer, scanner, mouse, etc.), or make the workstation more efficient.

All GC computer cables have molded-in strain relief and heavy-duty shielding. These cables are tested In-house to ensure that they are property wired for the intended application and meet Industry specifications. As a result, all GC computer cables carry a limited Lifetime Warranty, covering materials and workmanship. In addition to the more than 800 products shown in this section. GC can provide custom cables, upon request. Please refer to the pages below to find the specific products that you need:

  • Cat 5, Cat 5e Cables
  • Bulk Computer Cable
  • Computer Cables
  • Bi-Directional Printer Cables (IEEE 1284 compliant)
  • Firewire Cables (IEEE 1394 compliant)
  • Internal cables and adapters
  • Parallel Printer Cables
  • Power Cords and Accessories
  • SCSI (I, II, and III) Cables, Adapters, and Terminators
  • Specialty Computer Cables
  • Standard Computer Cables
  • USB Cables. Adapters. and Hubs
  • Connectors
  • Data Switches (Automatic and Manual)
  • Gender Changers, Port Protectors, and Adapters
  • Multi-Media Accessories
  • Tools and Testers
  • Workstation Accessories and Input Devices
  • Wall Plates

Datacom Accessories

Products that link computers to networks.

GC Electronics offers products necessary to wiring from the entrance facility (or equipment closet) to the workstation. GC’s products meet ANSI and EIA/TIA specs, making them interchangeable with all other industry compliant products. Our datacom line has grown with the industry. Here’s an overview of the network data processing speeds covered by GC products:

  • Cat 1 – Analog Voice
  • Cat 2 – Digital Voice (1 MHz)
  • Cat 3 – 16 MHz
  • Cat 4 – 20 MHz
  • Cat 5 – 100 MHz
  • Cat 5e – 350 MHz

Note: A network will operate at the speed of its lowest component. As a result, a Cat 5e component can be used in a Cat 5 system without degrading the performance. However, the use of a Cat 5 component in a Cat 5e network will restrict the transmission speed of the system to 100 MHz.

GC Electronics offers over 400 products, including:

  • Adapters
  • Connectors
  • Jacks
  • Flush
  • Modular
  • Surface Mount
  • Modular Patch Panels
  • Modular Wall Plates and Inserts
  • Network Patch Cables
  • Surface Mounted Jacks
  • Tools & Testers
  • Wire