Lanyards And Badge Holders

Lanyards and badge holders are accessories that many companies as well as individuals use in the work environment to identify themselves. It has become crucial for employees in a company to identify themselves for accountability reasons, especially when dealing with clients. When employees are required to wear lanyards and badge holders as forms of identification, any complaints that are brought forward by clients can be directed to a particular person.

Lanyards and badge holders benefit for Companies

Companies that require their employees to put on lanyards and badge holders identifying them by name also get better customer relations out of it. The employees are more careful to deal pleasantly with the clients to avoid any complaints that may taint their reputation.


Lanyards and badge holders can also be used as marketing tools. The company’s logo can be printed on the strap. This way, employees can be mobile marketing tools though this may not be very effective as they will unlikely wear company lanyards and badge holders outside of the work environment. Still, any kind of marketing, including lanyards and badge holders, should not be disregarded in a competitive market.


Companies can purchase lanyards and badge holders in bulk, for distribution to all their employees. Lanyards and badge holders can be customized to the requirements of the company, with the logo being included and the strap color being the company’s official color. Dealers in lanyards and badge holders will be able to give a good deal for bulk items, and the customizing will not be as costly as it might be for a few pieces.

Social events

Lanyards and badge holders are not only used by companies and their employees, but also by other individuals. Lanyards and badge holders may be required for an event that will involve a lot of people, such as concerts or graduation ceremonies or sporting events. These are places where officials are present to assist guests, and they can only be identified from the crowd by their badges. It is common practice for event organizers to order lanyards and badge holders for their officials for efficiency.

Event officials

During social events, there is usually some level of risk when it comes to dealing with crowds of people, as they may turn out to be unruly and in disorder. However, with lanyards and badge holders, officials can be easily identified and are able to take control of situations without any resistance, since their authority is recognized.

Other uses

Lanyards and badge holders really come in handy in different situations. For instance, a coach may use a lanyard to carry a whistle. In addition, personal lanyards may also be chosen from an array of styles that will work well with your outfit during an event.


Lanyards and badge holders come in different colors, material, and quality. It is therefore important that you know what you want. For a one-day event, cheap lanyards and badge holders may suffice, but for employees, quality will need to be given attention as you will want them used for a long time. For a great variety and perfect service in creating your lanyards, check Southern Girls Gifts.